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KNIFE EDGE GATE VALVE MANUFACTURERS IN ANKLESHWAR K-TECH Knife Edge Gate Valve is one of the specific design among other Industrial Valves. This design ensures minimum contact between the parts of the valve, Reduces the Wear & Tear. The high performance Knife Gate Valves feature. Non Sliding Motion, Avoid Sliding Contact between Body & Gate allow flushing of media form the valve interior. Batten edge of the Gate (Knife-Edge) allows the tight shut off even when solid particles settles at the bottom of the Body. A wide variety of hardened trim options are available on Gate, Seat and Wear Ring. K-TECH Knife Gate Valve are Generally Unidirectional Valves, Excellent Hopper Isolation Valves with their ability to cut through flowing media and closed by dislodging any material in the seating area. K-TECH Knife Gate Valve withstand high Temperature & Abrasive Slurries in Mining, Steel, Power, Chemical, and Paper Industries Ideal for high-density Slurry Lines. TYPE : Uni-directional / Bi-directional Knife Edge Gate Valve Port: Round Port, “V” Notch, Square Port. END CONNECTION : Flanged End / ull Lugged, Wafer Flangeless, Two Lug, Wafer Flangeless, Flange Type, Wafer Size: 50mm T0 800mm (higher size on application) RATING : 10 bar up to 600mm for valves with body in C.S., S.S. and specially alloy, 10 bar Up to 300mm & 5 bar on higher sizes up to 600mm with body in Cast Iron / Ductile Iron. Drilling : Option Include ANSI, DIN, BS, JIS and AS standard; others on request OPERATION AVAILABLE : Knife edge Gate Valves Operation - Manual, Cylinder Operated, Electrical Actuator, Pneumatic Actuator with Manual Override. WIDELY USED FOR : Knife edge Gate Valves for Slurry Lines, Sludge and Viscous Media Handling, Pulp and Paper Stock Lines, Dry Solid and Powder Handling, High Temperature Gas Lines and Many More. MOC : Cast Iron / Cast Steel / SS 304 / 316 / 304L / 316L. Body: Cast Corrosion resistant steel or cast iron to provide receptivity against corrosion For all wetted parts Gate: The Stainless steel knife gate plate is precision-buffed on both sides, to enhance Packing life and ensure positive shut off even heavy or high-viscous fluid. Stem: Stainless steel or as desire, having double start thread rising / non-rising spindle, For fast closing and opening. Seat: Renewable Metal-to-Metal, replaceable type, soft seat and other Suitable to application. In addition to standard stainless steel seat ring, rubber ring and Teflon seat rings are Available as options. Gland Packing: Multi layer gland packing in a variety of materials to suit condition provides total sealing.
FILTER PRESS PUMP HORIZONTAL SINGLE STAGE SIDE SUCTION PUMP OPERATING RANGE Capaicty : Up to 200 M3/hr Head : Up to 100 mtr Discharge Size : Dn 40 to 100 mm Temperature : Up to 140째C Speed : Up to 3500 rpm Pressure : Up to 10 kg/cm2 Features Single stage semi open impeller. Special design for filter press application. Reduce gland leakage. Heavy duty shaft, sleeve & bearings. Noise & maintenance free. Long life due to replaceable wearing parts. High efficiency low power consumption. Grease / oil lubricant bearings. Only positive (+V) suction head. Suitable with V-belt drive or direct coupled with a motor. Applications Filter press feeding. ETP, STP & Waste Water treatment plant. EVA-operator, Scrubber application. Slurry transfer. Dyes & Intermediates, Steel Rolling mills. Pulp & Paper, Sugar, Salt, Starch industries. Zink & Copper plant. Ceramic, General industrial services etc..... Materials SS-316, SS-316 L, SS-304, SS-304L Duplex stainless steel Super duplex stainless steel Cast bronze, cast steel, cast Iron Hast-alloy - B & C, Alloy-20 etc..... FILTER PRESS PUMP MANUFACTURERS IN VADODARA FILTER PRESS PUMP MANUFACTURERS IN SURAT FILTER PRESS PUMP MANUFACTURERS IN VALSAD FILTER PRESS PUMP MANUFACTURERS IN BHARUCH FILTER PRESS PUMP MANUFACTURERS IN VAPI FILTER PRESS PUMP MANUFACTURERS IN ANKLESHWAR FILTER PRESS PUMP MANUFACTURERS IN AHMEDABAD
SIGHT GLASS MANUFACTURERS IN ANKLESHWAR Minimum Order Quantity 1 Piece MOC M.S./ S.S./PP/PTFE Lined In Fabricated Or IC Type Glass Window Liquid Flow Indication Temperature 350 Degree Celsius Line Size Up to 14 Inches (350 mm) OTHER Size is Customize Glass Toughened Glass Version Double / Single Window Viewing Connection Flanged / Threaded. Display Type Digital Brand Kabir K-TECH Sight Flow Indicators Which Are Most Commonly Used For Monitoring Liquid Flow In Pipelines Without Compromising The Integrity Of The Piping System. Visual Observation And Supervision Of The Process Flow Stream Are Two Of The Main Concerns. Single / Double Window Constructions, Sight Flow Indicators Are Available In Various Figures & Material. Cs / Ss Made Bodies With Toughened Borosilicate Glass Windows And Standard Units In Flanged / Threaded Connections Provide Immunity At Higher Temperature & Pressures. These Offer A Quick, Reliable And Inexpensive Way To Affirm Flow Rate And Direction, And Monitor Color And Clarity In Fluid Lines. Features: Different Construction & Sizes, Highly Economical, Versatile Uses. Easy - Access Bolt - On Design. Used For Major Liquids. Toughened Glasses. No-leak Guaranteed. Working : When A Problem Occurs At Certain Points Along The Industrial Process Line, Sight Flow Indicators Are Used To Visually Monitor And Determine The Flow Of Fluids. These Affordable And Easy-to-operate Devices Are Installed Directly In The Process Line And Allow Operators To Qualitatively Observe Flow Rate, Direction, Color And Clarity. The Readings Are Then Viewed Through A Glass Viewing Lens. There Are Two Ways To Deploy Sight Flow Indicators Individually At Vital Points Along Fluid Lines Where Alterations, Disruptions Or Contamination Of Fluids Are Supposed To Have Occurred Or In Banks, All Together, Where Simultaneous Monitoring Of Multiple Fluid Lines Is Necessary. Application : The Basic Applications Of Sight Flow Indicators Are Spread Across Several Industries And Include Measuring Levels Of Water, Condensate, Coolant, Diesel, Solvent, Chemicals, Alcohol, Lube Oil, Juices Etc.
GLOBE VALVE MANUFACTURERS IN ANKLESHWAR Globe valves manufactured with K-TECH FLUID CONTROL are normally used for regulating the flow of materials through a pipeline, and consist of a movable disc element combined with the stationary ring seat in a spherical body. Globe valves are named for their spherical body shape, with the two halves of the body separated by an internal baffle. That baffle has an opening that forms a seat onto which the movable plug can be screwed in to close the valve. The plug-in of a globe valve is connected to a stem, which can be operated by a hand-wheel and manual valves, or an actuator assembly (or electric motor) in an automated globe valve. How We Have Become a Leading Globe Valve Manufacturer Available Size Range: 1” – 12” Pressure rating: 150LBS – 2500LBS Because we are a leading globe valve manufacturer, our products are ideal for petrochemicals, refineries, mining and water applications. In particular, many of our customers rely on our globe valves for years of trouble-free use for throttling and shutoff applications, where wear, leakage, and other performance shortfalls could be costly or dangerous. As a design-driven INDIAN globe valve manufacturer, our focus has always been on finding innovative, cost-effective solutions, rather than simply the lowest per-unit cost. So, if you need the right globe valves with top performance at a very competitive price, K-TECH team of engineers can help. K-TECH Globe Valve Features • Our globe valves are designed for oil & gas as well as water use, and are excellent in throttling and shutoff operations, maintaining zero flow even after years of inactivity • K-TECH globe valves are designed to work with very little maintenance in challenging conditions, so you won't have to worry about unexpected downtime, even in remote locations • Unlike many other globe valve manufacturers, we handle all of our design and production in AHMEDABAD, and hold our products to the highest standards of precision • All of our products are backed by a minimum 12-month warranty, and can be designed and manufactured to meet your custom specifications Contact K-TECH, Globe Valves Manufacturer, For More Information Many customers turn to K-TECH because they need the very best in pumps and valves – including globe valves – at competitive prices. Not only do we offer some of the industry's best rates and warranties, but have the ability to manufacture and deliver globe valves to any part of the globe on a tight deadline.
CENTRIFUGAL PUMP MANUFACTURERS IN ANKLESHWAR CENTRIFUGAL PROCESS PUMP Operating Range Capacity : Up to 1500 M3/hr Head : Up to 150 mtr Discharge Size : Dn 32 to 300 mm Temperature : Up to 350C Speed : Up to 3500 rpm Pressure : Up to 15 Kg/cm2 Features Back pull out design Conform to iso 2858 dimensions High efficiency hydraulic design Heavy duty shaft, sleeve and bearings Low NPSH Noise and maintenance free Single and double mechanical seal Steady head and capacity One roller bearing on pump end, two angular contact ball bearing with oil lubricated. Serveral flange drilling options according to valid standards. Suitable with V-belt drive or direcct coupled with a motor. Applications Chemical, Refinery, Petrochemical & Process. Pulp & Paper, Sugar, Starch industries. Fertilizer, Textiles, Laminate, Steel industries. Air-condition plants, Fire Fighting application. Power plants, Desalination Plants, Sea Water. Marine, Irrigation, Building service, Food industries. Salt, Rubbe, General industrail services etc.... Materials SS-316, SS-316 L, SS-304, SS-304 L Duplex stainless steel Super duplex stainless steel Cast bronze, cast steel, cast Iron Hast-alloy - B & C, Alloy-20 etc..... CENTRIFUGAL PUMP MANUFACTURERS IN VADODARA CENTRIFUGAL PUMP MANUFACTURERS IN SURAT CENTRIFUGAL PUMP MANUFACTURERS IN VALSAD CENTRIFUGAL PUMP MANUFACTURERS IN BHARUCH CENTRIFUGAL PUMP MANUFACTURERS IN VAPI CENTRIFUGAL PUMP MANUFACTURERS IN MAHARASHTRA
CHEMICAL PUMP HORIZONTAL CENTRIFUGAL END SUCTION PUMP WITH SEMI OPEN IMPELLER. Operating Range Capaicty : Up to 42 M3/hr Head : Up to 46 mtr Discharge Size : Dn 25 to 50 mm Temperature : Up to 140째C Speed : Up to 3500 rpm Pressure : Up to 4.6 kg/cm2 Applications Organic / Inorganic Chemical Intermediates industries. Pulp & Paper, Sugar, Salt, Starch industries. Food, Textiles, Laminate, Cement & Steel industries. Pharmaceutical, Dyes, Textiles, Kerosene, Diesel & other Solvents, Caustic. ETP, STP & Waste Water treatment plant. EVA-operator, Scrubber application. Filter Press Feeding, Slurry transfer. Rubber, General industrial services etc..... Materials SS-316, SS-316 L, SS-304, SS-304L Duplex stainless steel Super duplex stainless steel Cast bronze, cast steel, cast Iron Hast-alloy - B & C, Alloy-20 etc..... Features Back pull out non-clog design. Single stage semi open impeller. Compact design using less floor space. Easy maintenance, replaceable parts. High efficiency hydraulic design. Heavy duty shaft, sleeve and bearings Low NPSH Single and double mechanical seal. Grease / oil lubricant bearings. Suitable with V-belt drive or direct coupled with a motor. CHEMICAL PUMP MANUFACTURERS IN VADODARA CHEMICAL PUMP MANUFACTURERS IN SURAT CHEMICAL PUMP MANUFACTURERS IN VALSAD CHEMICAL PUMP MANUFACTURERS IN BHARUCH CHEMICAL PUMP MANUFACTURERS IN VAPI CHEMICAL PUMP MANUFACTURERS IN ANKLESHWAR
GATE VALVE MANUFACTURERS IN ANKLESHWAR K-TECH gate valves are typically used to permit or prevent the flow of liquids, they differ from our ball valves in that the sealing surfaces between the gate and the seats are planar. That means gate valves will often be used when a straight line flow fluid with a minimum restriction is required. Additionally, the gate faces can be used to form a wedge shape, or be placed in a configuration where they are parallel to one another. Although gate valves are durable and versatile, a gate valve should normally not be used for regulating the flow. However, if you need one specifically for that purpose, contact our team to request more information – as a leading gate valve manufacturer; we can design according to your specifications and requirements. Why K-TECH is a Different Kind of Gate Valve Manufacturer Available Size Range: 1/2” – 12” Pressure rating: 150LBS – 2500LBS • Unlike other gate valve manufacturers, we don't focus our design and engineering process on the lowest per-unit factory costs. Instead, we have built a reputation for durability, dependability, and precise tolerances, despite very competitive rates and some of the fastest delivery times in the industry. • We do this by making design and manufacturing the center piece of our operations. We believe that in order to be the leading gate valve manufacturer, we have to combine the best of INDIAN design and production with global pricing models. The result is a gate valve product you can count on, with pricing that's often below what other leading gate valve manufacturers can offer. Why Choose K-TECH Gate Valves? Our gate valves are designed for use in demanding oil & gas industry as well as water applications Our gate valves are known for being affordable and dependable, because we know how important it is for you to keep your facilities and operations running smoothly We are one of the only gate valve manufacturers operating in INDIA, and offer the unbeatable combination of low prices, fast delivery, and strong warranties on all of our products Contact Us to Learn More About Gate Valves When you need dependable gate valves, K-TECH is ready to help, with custom designed products for every need. To find the solution that's right for you, or to get a free price quote for a potential order, contact a member of our engineering team today.
DIAPHRAGM VALVE MANUFACTURERS IN ANKLESHWAR DIAPHRAGM VALVE K-TECH FLUID CONTROLS Rubber lined Diaphragm (also called membrane ) valve is recommended for application involving slurring, fluids with suspended solids, corrosive fluids etc. This valves provide tight shut off , primarily designed for on-off services. The Body material is CI, , Sg iron , CS Lined and Unlined both types are manufacture by us. The Lined Diaphragm Valves are lined with Natural Rubber, Ebonite Rubber, Neoprene, Hypalon and customized rubber etc. we can do the Lining of other materials as per customer requirements. Salient Features Type: Weir/straight through Body Material: Cast iron/Cast steel/316 ST.ST./Gunmetal/Alloy 20 Unlined & Lined PFA, FEP, ETFE & ECTFE ( Hallar ) & PVDF Lined & Plastic Valves, etc. Body Rating: ANSI Class 125/150 lbs Body Lining: Neoprene/Natural/Rubber/Ebonite/Glass/Teflon/EPDM/FRP, Food grade etc. Body Diaphragm: Natural Neoprene, Hyplon, Butyl, EPDM, PTFE with neo, EPDM PAD, Viton, Nitrile Buna-N, Food grade, etc. End Connections: Conforming BS-5156 flanged to ANSI B-16.1 Class 125/150 lbs, DIN-3202-F1, PN-10/PN-16 etc. Sizes: 1/2" to 12" Operating Temperature: Rubber diaphragm will handle majority of the flow upto 80o C, other diaphragm materials are available for higher temperature upto 180o C Lining Hardness: Ebonite: 95o 5 Shore A Natural Rubber: 65° 5 Shore A Rochwell/Shores R 100 D78 or D62 Parcol & Parcol 40 respectively Lining Thickness: 15 to 65 mm valve. 3 mm 80 to 100 mm valve. 3.5 mm 125 to 150 mm valve. 4.0 mm 200 to 350 mm valve. 5.0 mm Teflon lining - 1mm and 3mm Glass lining - 1.0 mm
POLYPROPYLENE PUMP MANUFACTURERS IN ANKLESHWAR Polypropylene Corrosion Resistant Centrifugal Pumps Operating Range Capaicty : Up to 295 M3/hr Head : Up to 60 mtr Discharge Size : Dn 25 to 100 mm Temperature : Up to 70째C Speed : Up to 3500 rpm Pressure : Up to 6 /cm2 Applications Electro plating, Pickling & Steel rolling mills. Water treatment plant, Effluent treatment plant. Excellent for transfer & loading-unloading like HCL, Sulphuric Acid, Alkali, Caustic liquid. Scrubbing of corrosive gases like NH3, CO2, SO3, SO2, I2, F2, Br2, CI2, etc.. For handling liquids in various industries like Textile, Paper, Cellulose, Sugar, Steel, Food, Having temperature range, Materials, etc... Ideal for circulation of chemical in Metal finishing industry. Natural choice for Pickling line & Scrubber in steel plants. Filter press for Dyes & Chemicals, Descaling, Oil & other Fuels. Materials PP, PPCP, UHMWPE Features Designed to suit extremely corrosive duties in the process & chemical industries. Suitable for continuous service. Multi stage with single suction die casting closed impeller. Dynamically & hydraulically balanced impeller with aerodynamic profile vanes. Pump casing is provided with external metal ring for construction stability. Grease / oil lubricant bearings Pumps are fitted with either mechanical seal or gland packing depending on the service conditions. Shaft & sleeve of different material depending on the compatibility of the liquid to be handled. POLYPROPYLENE PUMP MANUFACTURERS IN VADODARA POLYPROPYLENE PUMP MANUFACTURERS IN SURAT POLYPROPYLENE PUMP MANUFACTURERS IN VALSAD POLYPROPYLENE PUMP MANUFACTURERS IN BHARUCH POLYPROPYLENE PUMP MANUFACTURERS IN VAPI POLYPROPYLENE PUMP MANUFACTURERS IN ANKLESHWAR POLYPROPYLENE PUMP MANUFACTURERS IN AHMEDABAD POLYPROPYLENE PUMP MANUFACTURERS IN GUJARAT POLYPROPYLENE PUMP MANUFACTURERS IN INDIA