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STRAINER MANUFACTURERS IN ANKLESHWAR Strainer is used for Solid/Liquid separation, it is a type of perforated sheet or wire mesh use to strain or filter solid debris or particles from liquids and gases. Strainers elements are made usually from Stainless Steel. K-TECH FLUID CONTROLS offers Strainer elements made of SS 304, SS 316, Duplex Stainless Steel. K-TECH FLUID CONTROLS also offers a wide range of strainers and filters and highly specializes in costuming a filtration system as per customer needs and requirements. K-TECH “Y” Type Strainers are essentially a filter with wire mesh as a filtering media. It is used in the process line to filter out any solids larger than the mesh size which are trying to pass through the process line. This “Y” Type Strainers are designed for longer service life and high performance even after consistent use in extreme and testing environments of high temperature and pressure. “Y” type is suggested to use where the solid % is less in quantity. The dirt or foreign particle holding capacity is less than compared to Basket Strainer. These Strainers are very compact and can be used in horizontal, vertical lines. K-TECH “Basket” Type Strainers, the definition of the Basket Type Strainer is “A closed vessel with cleanable screen element designed to remove and retain foreign particles. Note the term “foreign particles”. Basket Strainers do not necessarily remove only dirt. They take out material which is not wanted in the fluid and this can sometime be a valuable product which may be saved. K-TECH Basket strainer is used where cleaning may occur frequently, it stands to reason that the basket should be able to be removed and replaced as simply as possible. The strainer cover is held down by a clamping yoke which is sturdy enough to hold full line pressure and yet, which can be quickly loosened or tightened by hand. Bolted covers are also furnished with basket strainers and they cost less than yoke covers. Sizes DN25 to DN600 Pressure Rating Class 150, 300 & 600 Material of Construction Cast Carbon Steel – WCB, WCC, etc.. Low Carbon Steel – LCB, LCC, etc. Martensitic Steel – WC1, WC6, WC9, C5, C12, CA15, etc. Austenitic Stainless Steel – CF8, CF8M, CF3, CF3M, CN7M, CG3M, etc. Duplex Stainless Steel – CD4MCuN, CD3Mn, etc. Nickel-Copper Alloy – Monel 400, Nickel-Copper- Aluminium Alloy – Monel 500, Ductile Iron – Grey Cast Iron, S.G. Iron, etc. Fabricated – Carbon Steel, etc. Design & Manufacturing Standard As per Manufacturer’s Standard Face to Face Std. ASME B16.10 End Connection Std. Flanged to ASME B16.5, BS Standard, DIN Standard, Screwed Ends, Socket Weld Ends, But Weld, etc… Testing Standard API 598 Structure Type “Y” Type, “BASKET” Type, “POT” Type Operated Type Self
GLOBE VALVE MANUFACTURERS IN ANKLESHWAR Globe valves manufactured with K-TECH FLUID CONTROL are normally used for regulating the flow of materials through a pipeline, and consist of a movable disc element combined with the stationary ring seat in a spherical body. Globe valves are named for their spherical body shape, with the two halves of the body separated by an internal baffle. That baffle has an opening that forms a seat onto which the movable plug can be screwed in to close the valve. The plug-in of a globe valve is connected to a stem, which can be operated by a hand-wheel and manual valves, or an actuator assembly (or electric motor) in an automated globe valve. How We Have Become a Leading Globe Valve Manufacturer Available Size Range: 1” – 12” Pressure rating: 150LBS – 2500LBS Because we are a leading globe valve manufacturer, our products are ideal for petrochemicals, refineries, mining and water applications. In particular, many of our customers rely on our globe valves for years of trouble-free use for throttling and shutoff applications, where wear, leakage, and other performance shortfalls could be costly or dangerous. As a design-driven INDIAN globe valve manufacturer, our focus has always been on finding innovative, cost-effective solutions, rather than simply the lowest per-unit cost. So, if you need the right globe valves with top performance at a very competitive price, K-TECH team of engineers can help. K-TECH Globe Valve Features • Our globe valves are designed for oil & gas as well as water use, and are excellent in throttling and shutoff operations, maintaining zero flow even after years of inactivity • K-TECH globe valves are designed to work with very little maintenance in challenging conditions, so you won't have to worry about unexpected downtime, even in remote locations • Unlike many other globe valve manufacturers, we handle all of our design and production in AHMEDABAD, and hold our products to the highest standards of precision • All of our products are backed by a minimum 12-month warranty, and can be designed and manufactured to meet your custom specifications Contact K-TECH, Globe Valves Manufacturer, For More Information Many customers turn to K-TECH because they need the very best in pumps and valves – including globe valves – at competitive prices. Not only do we offer some of the industry's best rates and warranties, but have the ability to manufacture and deliver globe valves to any part of the globe on a tight deadline.
DIAPHRAGM VALVE MANUFACTURERS IN ANKLESHWAR DIAPHRAGM VALVE K-TECH FLUID CONTROLS Rubber lined Diaphragm (also called membrane ) valve is recommended for application involving slurring, fluids with suspended solids, corrosive fluids etc. This valves provide tight shut off , primarily designed for on-off services. The Body material is CI, , Sg iron , CS Lined and Unlined both types are manufacture by us. The Lined Diaphragm Valves are lined with Natural Rubber, Ebonite Rubber, Neoprene, Hypalon and customized rubber etc. we can do the Lining of other materials as per customer requirements. Salient Features Type: Weir/straight through Body Material: Cast iron/Cast steel/316 ST.ST./Gunmetal/Alloy 20 Unlined & Lined PFA, FEP, ETFE & ECTFE ( Hallar ) & PVDF Lined & Plastic Valves, etc. Body Rating: ANSI Class 125/150 lbs Body Lining: Neoprene/Natural/Rubber/Ebonite/Glass/Teflon/EPDM/FRP, Food grade etc. Body Diaphragm: Natural Neoprene, Hyplon, Butyl, EPDM, PTFE with neo, EPDM PAD, Viton, Nitrile Buna-N, Food grade, etc. End Connections: Conforming BS-5156 flanged to ANSI B-16.1 Class 125/150 lbs, DIN-3202-F1, PN-10/PN-16 etc. Sizes: 1/2" to 12" Operating Temperature: Rubber diaphragm will handle majority of the flow upto 80o C, other diaphragm materials are available for higher temperature upto 180o C Lining Hardness: Ebonite: 95o 5 Shore A Natural Rubber: 65° 5 Shore A Rochwell/Shores R 100 D78 or D62 Parcol & Parcol 40 respectively Lining Thickness: 15 to 65 mm valve. 3 mm 80 to 100 mm valve. 3.5 mm 125 to 150 mm valve. 4.0 mm 200 to 350 mm valve. 5.0 mm Teflon lining - 1mm and 3mm Glass lining - 1.0 mm
GATE VALVE MANUFACTURERS IN ANKLESHWAR K-TECH gate valves are typically used to permit or prevent the flow of liquids, they differ from our ball valves in that the sealing surfaces between the gate and the seats are planar. That means gate valves will often be used when a straight line flow fluid with a minimum restriction is required. Additionally, the gate faces can be used to form a wedge shape, or be placed in a configuration where they are parallel to one another. Although gate valves are durable and versatile, a gate valve should normally not be used for regulating the flow. However, if you need one specifically for that purpose, contact our team to request more information – as a leading gate valve manufacturer; we can design according to your specifications and requirements. Why K-TECH is a Different Kind of Gate Valve Manufacturer Available Size Range: 1/2” – 12” Pressure rating: 150LBS – 2500LBS • Unlike other gate valve manufacturers, we don't focus our design and engineering process on the lowest per-unit factory costs. Instead, we have built a reputation for durability, dependability, and precise tolerances, despite very competitive rates and some of the fastest delivery times in the industry. • We do this by making design and manufacturing the center piece of our operations. We believe that in order to be the leading gate valve manufacturer, we have to combine the best of INDIAN design and production with global pricing models. The result is a gate valve product you can count on, with pricing that's often below what other leading gate valve manufacturers can offer. Why Choose K-TECH Gate Valves? Our gate valves are designed for use in demanding oil & gas industry as well as water applications Our gate valves are known for being affordable and dependable, because we know how important it is for you to keep your facilities and operations running smoothly We are one of the only gate valve manufacturers operating in INDIA, and offer the unbeatable combination of low prices, fast delivery, and strong warranties on all of our products Contact Us to Learn More About Gate Valves When you need dependable gate valves, K-TECH is ready to help, with custom designed products for every need. To find the solution that's right for you, or to get a free price quote for a potential order, contact a member of our engineering team today.
LONG SHAFT SUMP PUMP MANUFACTURERS IN ANKLESHWAR Capacity : Up to 300 M3/hr Head : Up to 35 mtr Discharge Size : Dn 25 to 125 mm Temperature : Up to 50째C Speed : Up to 2900 rpm Pressure : Up to 3.5 kg/cm2 Pump Length : Up to 3 mtr Features Designed to meet specific lengths & application requirements. Base plate designed to meet exiting support arrangements. Standardized & modular design. Standard shaft sealing by oil seal, mechanical seal or stuffing box packing. Connects the pump casing with the base plate. Column pipe protects the shaft. Supports the eventual intermediate bush bearings. Suction strainers, simple mounting & self priming. Optimized hydraulic performance. Compact design using less floor space. Close / Semi open impeller. Easy maintenance, replaceable parts. Heavy duty shaft, sleeve & bearings. Applications Sulphuric Acid, Nitric Acid, HCL transfer. Solvents, Diesel & Petrol transfer. Light Slurries, Organic chemical processing. Water, Cooling Water , Effluent, Cleaning product & Hydrocarbons. Zink & Copper Plant. Materials SS-316, SS-316 L, SS-304, SS-304L Duplex stainless steel Super duplex stainless steel Cast bronze, cast steel, cast Iron Hast-alloy - B & C, Alloy-20 etc SUMP PUMP MANUFACTURERS IN VADODARA SUMP PUMP MANUFACTURERS IN SURAT SUMP PUMP MANUFACTURERS IN VALSAD SUMP PUMP MANUFACTURERS IN BHARUCH VERTICAL LONG SHAFT SUMP PUMP MANUFACTURERS IN VAPI VERTICAL LONG SHAFT SUMP PUMP MANUFACTURERS IN ANKLESHWAR VERTICAL LONG SHAFT SUMP PUMP MANUFACTURERS IN AHMEDABAD VERTICAL LONG SHAFT SUMP PUMP MANUFACTURERS IN CHATRAL VERTICAL LONG SHAFT SUMP PUMP MANUFACTURERS IN GUJARAT VERTICAL LONG SHAFT SUMP PUMP MANUFACTURERS IN INDIA VERTICAL LONG SHAFT SUMP PUMP MANUFACTURERS IN MAHARSHTRA VERTICAL LONG SHAFT SUMP PUMP MANUFACTURERS IN VATVA VERTICAL LONG SHAFT SUMP PUMP MANUFACTURERS IN BHAVNAGAR VERTICAL LONG SHAFT SUMP PUMP MANUFACTURERS IN SURENDRANGAR VERTICAL LONG SHAFT SUMP PUMP MANUFACTURERS IN HALOL VERTICAL LONG SHAFT SUMP PUMP MANUFACTURERS IN PANOLI VERTICAL LONG SHAFT SUMP PUMP MANUFACTURERS IN KUTCH